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The issue:
You’ve got information you urgently need a specific team to receive and acknowledge. You may later need to prove who knew what and when. Do you really want to drop it into that bottomless pit of corporate email or see who turns up on a conference call?

The solution:
A dedicated messaging channel, straight to specific mobile phones, with the ability to confirm who knew what and when.
What is it? Accenture Secure Messenger is a simple and secure way to confirm that important information has been received and acknowledged by a specific group. It allows you to send targeted messages to mobile devices from the Accenture Secure Messenger site in three formats - audio, text, and video – and monitor what happens to them.

There are two elements to the service:
• The Accenture Secure Messenger site, where messages are entered by authorised users.
• A mobile app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, where messages are received (but never stored).

Quick, convenient, and secure, Accenture Secure Messenger is the ideal way to ensure everyone gets the message.
Who is it for? From Finance to Pharmaceuticals, Accenture Secure Messenger is relevant to a broad spectrum of Industries.

Usage Examples • A major PLC is announcing an acquisition to the Stock Exchange. It’s important that the top 100 know about the action. Insider dealing rules prohibit pre-announcement. The CEO records a 1-minute video and pre-schedules its distribution through Accenture Secure Messenger to coincide with the market announcement.

• The FSA announces changes to retail banking rules. It’s imperative that all managers are informed. Accenture Secure Messenger allows confirmation that a summary of the rules has been read.

• In the pharmaceutical sector a drug dosage is reduced. It’s important that sales representatives stop selling at the previous level. The pharmaceutical company may later have to demonstrate in court that the sales force was informed and that they’ve acknowledged the change.

• An accident has occurred in the electricity industry and a component is to be immediately withdrawn from service. The electricity company may have to demonstrate to the Health and Safety Executive that it has followed a rigorous process to inform its field engineers.

Download the iOS File

Supported versions: iOS 4.3+

Download the Android file

Supported versions: Android 2.2+
Download the BlackBerry file

Supported versions: BlackBerry OS 5+